Music Box (Mobile Songwriting Unit Customized for D.S.. - songwriter/musician)

Plywood, Steel, Rubber, Household Objects (pens, notebook, ceramic mug, whiskey, instant coffee, beer, cigarettes, cassette tape recorder, cassettes, pocket notebooks, lantern, maglite, mirror, train whistle)



The mobile songwriting unit is custom built for the musician-on-the-go. Housed in a lightweight plywood case that converts into a lap desk, the core of the unit houses everything a songwriter requires to have his every creatively focused emotional and physical need met while on the road or at home.  At a small town bar, band bus, or in the north woods, this flexible musician's office-of-sorts provides the means for the artist to deliver a creative and successful written product promising to sustain his personal and professional life at all times. 


Items include:

lap desk (exterior shell of unit)

3-in-1 desk lantern - (1) vinyl side for calm (2) soft light open side for alert (3) maglite removed for necessary walks in the woods to clear the head

background music - Great Lakes Indians Pow Wow cassette

instant coffee (for morning sessions)

bourbon (for evening sessions)

1987 MN Twins World Series Mug (to hold liquids listed above)


pocket notebooks 

pens (Uni-Ball Onyx)

cigarettes (Camel Blue)

cassette recorder

blank cassettes

train whistle (occasionally blown in the distance)

mirror - to look oneself in the eye and see the fear of never being able to write a song again


note: guitar, keyboard, and occasional amount of marijuana not included