Mind, Body, Soul, Career (Mobile Cubicle Unit Customized for J.N. - Non-Profit Museum Employee)

Plywood, Steel, Rubber, Household Objects (file cabinet, clip board, folders, stapler, flash drive, pen, envelope, legal pad, peanut butter, rice cakes, Tate's chocolate chip cookies, fan, calendar, book, newspaper clipping, kettle, rock, essential oils, picture frame, ceramic mug, tea, aluminum box, lantern)



This Mobile Cubicle Unit houses everything one needs to satisfy the four core components of self; mind, body, soul, and career. Each component is housed in an individual compartment. These compartments can be modified in their placement, spread out as individual units or streamlined as one body to accommodate various spaces and create efficiency in work and personal affairs. If desired, the unit converts into a secure mobile container that allows the owner to easily transport their needs from one position to another, creating flexibility, adaptability, and success.